July, 2022

A Note from Your District Governor

Dear Rotarians,
Here we go!  We are off and running on our 2022-23 Rotary journey.  Our theme this year is “Imagine Rotary.”  I love that theme.  I’m already having fun imagining what each of you will accomplish this year.  As your District Governor I’ll be sharing a monthly message with you to give you what you need to know as we ride along together, learn together, and celebrate Rotary together.  I’ll be cheering you on as you reach your goals—in your clubs, in your communities, and around the world.  And I’ll be celebrating with you as each of us become better a person because of our Rotary journey.  IMAGINE what can be…
Last Wednesday night we had a splendid event in Waverly for the “Passing of the Gavel” for our Waverly Club presidency, combined with my installation as District Governor.  Eleven Past District Governors attended, along with five Assistant District Governors, many on our District Leadership Team, and eighteen Rotary Clubs from our District were represented that night.  It was an exciting event.  I am proud of my Waverly Club for being such great hosts.  There are many people to thank, but if you will allow me to get personal for a bit, there are two Rotarians to which I extend very special thanks.
The first is Waverly Rotarian Lynne Fruehling, who not only passed the President’s gavel to Shawn Ellerbroek, our President-Elect, but also graciously hosted the event with her husband, Bill, at the Fruehling Barn, a really fun venue!  I celebrate Lynne as our Past President as she brought amazing energy to our Waverly Club.  In this day of vaccinations, she was definitely a “booster”!.  Through her leadership, our club has been revitalized by going to a new meeting schedule and venue that works for our members, by doing fundraising events in new ways, by adding more flair to our events, and getting involved in RYE again.  Thank you sincerely, Lynne, for your inspiring leadership!
The second is PDG Jeff Hassman.  I can’t thank him enough for his constant reaching out to me, to help me acclimate to the role of District Governor.  He welcomed me to ride along with him on his Rotary journey at any time, and we shared many rides together.  On behalf of our District, I also thank Jeff for his thoughtful and caring leadership this past year.  Jeff is a great listener.  He’s a visionary.  The vision he and his cohort from District 6000 had for an All-Iowa District Conference culminated last April in Iowa City with an event we’ll remember for a long time.  The conference was bursting with energy and passion for Rotary.  Thank you, PDG Jeff!
Both Jeff and I are blessed to have two teammates who are willing and eager partners in the work we do as District Governors—Maripili Hassman and Kris Meyer.  They are a blessing!  
I am honored to serve, excited to visit your clubs, and eager to meet more District 5970 Rotarians! 
Until next month, keep IMAGINING!  
Don Meyer
District Governor 2022-23