Training, Leadership & Education for Leaders in Rotary!
Welcome to this first edition of "Training Talk," a new monthly newsletter for District #5970 Rotarians. We will offer ideas, suggestions and tips. Our focus will be on Rotary training, member development and on-going club education, plus ideas for your own personal growth and professional development.  
Getting Started in the Learning Center
Before you jump into the Learning Center I would suggest you take the course Getting Started with the Learning Center.  This will serve as the starting course for first time users and helps them learn how to navigate in the Learning Cener before taking on other courses.  
New Member Leads

So, you get a member lead, then what do you do?  We recommend each club set up a simple process to effectively manage your leads.  Rotary has developed a five-step process to help you, which can be found in the Learning Center as a downloadable PDF.  You will learn how to access your My Rotary club online back office where you can track lead details, update their status, assign for follow up and keep them current using their proper member ID.  Despite the coronavirus, people are still inquiring and wanting to know more about Rotary.  Bottom line, people are in search of meaningful connections and want to be a part of something positive and greater than themselves.

New Rotary Toastmasters Alliance
We have an exciting new partnership with Toastmasters International.  Now you will find a number of Toastmaster Courses in the Learning Center.  Courses are designed to enhance your leadership and communications skills. Included are courses on an Overview, Speech Development, Inspirational Speeches and more.  Plus, courses include a self-assessment, learning, assignments and peer evaluations.  I encourage you to check out this great new resource today.       
Leading Change Course
Even as we look ahead to a new Rotary year, it seems CHANGE will continue to play a role in our lives and with our clubs. Take a look at the Leading Change course in the Learning Center where you will find ideas on how to adapt, plan for and manage change and how to successfully lead it, how to assess people’s readiness for change, and how to respond to resistance.  This course will help your board members and chairs to further develop their leadership skills.  
Club Officer Training
There now is a series of online courses for club officers to learn more about their roles. These courses can be found in the Learning Center Course Catalog. You will find multiple courses to use for local club training. Have participants take a course before the new Rotary year begins.   
One More Thing... If you are looking for a Rotary speaker, visit our Speaker's Bureau on our district website. Or if you are looking for someone to speak on leadership, personal growth and development topics, contact me directly and I will reach out to our Iowa pool of coaches and trainers.  
And remember, as Jim Rohn used to say...  "Never wish that life were easier, wish that you were better!"