A room full of Rotarians were welcomed by the Cedar Falls Rotary Club Saturday June 27.  DGE Joe Gitta was installed as our Governor for 2015-2016.  DG Kathy Faye started the evening, reflecting on her year as governor.   DG Kathy then led DGE Joe in his oath of office and passed him the District Governor pin.  The "Home of the District Governor" banner was passed from Kathy's Iowa Great Lakes club to Joe's Cedar Falls club where it will reside for 2 years.   Following Joe as DG is James Coloff, also of the Cedar Falls club.  Finally, Past DG Jill Olsen presented DG Kathy with her past DG Governor pin to close the installation. Click "read more" for pictures. 
Rotarians were invited to move across the street to hear the US Marine Corps Band which began playing immediately after the Rotary event ended!
Many thanks for the Cedar Falls club setting up the event.