The October, 2020 Foundation First Newsletter is here      
        Don Meyer, District 5970 Foundation Chair
Dear Rotarians,
Did you know that Membership, Public Image, and Foundation Giving all work together to create a vibrant Rotary Club?  Succeeding in one area helps the other two areas succeed.  I’m excited by the new member proposal that was given to your club from our District Membership Committee recently.  It’s a great example of how all three areas work together to strengthen our clubs.
Read more about Foundation activities here.
  • Read about the Membership Grant and how Membership, Foundation, and Public Image work together to create more vibrant clubs.
  • World Polio Day is October 24
  • Every Rotarian Every Year
Yours in Rotary,
Don Meyer
District 5970 Foundation Chair
Rotary International is launching a campaign called, “Countdown to History.”  Goals were set and pledges were made, the and we can’t do it without you, as Rotarians. We are asking for Rotarians across District 5970 to give a minimum of $40 to End Polio Now. This will get our District to the goal set by Rotary International.
A New Polio Banner is available for Club Events! See it here.  Contact to borrow it!