The April, 2020 Foundation First Newsletter is here      
        Don Meyer, District 5970 Foundation Chair
Dear Rotarians,
My, oh my, how the world has changed since one month ago!  Who could have imagined we would be facing a coronavirus pandemic of these proportions after just one month? 
I hope you are all safe and well, and for those of you who may be touched by the Covid-19 virus, either personally or in your family, we pray for good health and recovery. 
All of us are touched by the pandemic in some way.  Our lives have been changed, whether it’s working from home, sheltering in place, or keeping our distance from one another.  Our Rotary life has changed, too.  We’re getting creative in how we engage with each other.  I’m thankful for the technology we have today that allows us to connect as Rotarians.  I hope it’s not too long before we can shake hands again and meet face-to-face.  It’s hard to keep Rotarians down! 
One thing that has NOT changed, is Rotary’s drive to help our neighbors in need, both locally and worldwide.  You can be proud of Rotary’s initiative to provide funding for organizations and projects that protect us from the impact of this terrible outbreak. 
Read more in the April, 2020 Foundation First newsletter here:
  • Covid-19 Disaster Grants available to each club
  • Rotary Rush extended
  • Grant Management Seminar - second opportunity April 24, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.
  • Virtual Duck Race is on
Yours in Rotary,
Don Meyer
District 5970 Foundation Chair
Rotary International is launching a campaign called, “Countdown to History.”  Goals were set and pledges were made, the and we can’t do it without you, as Rotarians. We are asking for Rotarians across District 5970 to give a minimum of $40 to End Polio Now. This will get our District to the goal set by Rotary International.
A New Polio Banner is available for Club Events! See it here.  Contact to borrow it!