A variety of family structures are perfect for being host families—small, big, with many children, or no children. We aim to reflect real-world families to students, and we know that real families come in all shapes and sizes. A host family should be responsible, willing, and interested in welcoming a young person from another country into their home.
Academic year exchange students must have more than one host family — preferably three different families — during their exchange. By living in the homes of several families, students are exposed to a variety of experiences in the host country and better understand the culture as a whole.
The most effective host families are:
  • Caring and respectful with each other
  • Flexible and able to adapt to having someone new in the home
  • Good humored and able to put a problem or situation into perspective
  • Patient and willing to work through common misunderstandings
  • Willing to engage in different activities and visit places outside the home
  • Interested in a variety of topics of conversation, culture, and recreation
If your family is interested in hosting a student, please contact your local Rotary Club. If you need help finding your local club, please contact us via email: 5970rye@gmail.com.
If you are already connected with a Rotary Club who is hosting a student, please fill out the application to host: https://yehub.net/S97-hfapp