Posted on Jan 09, 2017
Another RYLA is in the works – this one for middle school students and we’re calling it Young RYLA. It came to be after we heard time and again from RYLA graduates, "I wish I’d had this sooner," and "This would be great for my little brother (or sister). So after three years of the planning, we’re ready to open our first YRYLA.
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RYLA and Young RYLA Club Reservations are due January 15
It will be held the week of July 23 at Grinnell College. The cost to clubs will be $450 (the same as high
school RYLA.) It will be open to students in the seventh and eighth grades this school year (2016-2017). Registration for RYLA and YRYLA will be handled together. To see deadlines and other details go to and click on "About YRYLA." (Remember: Deadline for requesting slots is Jan. 15.)
The emphasis at YRYLA will be on leadership just as it is in high school RYLA but it will be less intense and will also include some confidence building activities. It can best be described by Brandon Garcia, a former Colorado RYLArian who said, "Young RYLA is like when you first get your training wheels off and your dad gives you one last steadying push into high school."
Deadlines and details are on the District Calendar and RYLA webpage.  Go to YOUTH > RYLA