Be part of Iowa's Gift to the World

DG Jim Coloff sent an email earlier with information on how D-5970 Rotarians can help give children all over the world the gift of walking through the RAG4clubfoot. Thanks to a generous matching donation, all contributions to the Iowa’s Gift to the World campaign will be matched, 100%. Rotarian Action Groups are grassroots movements from Rotarians who see a specific need and devise/find an opportunity to address that need. The RAG4clubfoot is just such an example. Iowa Rotarians can "gift" children all over the world with the ability to walk by helping train doctors to use the Ponseti Method for treating clubfoot. Because the RAG4Clubfoot is registered as a 501c3, your donations are tax deductible; however, it is not part of the Rotary Foundation and neither Foundation credit nor Paul Harris points are awarded. For more information on how to give, go to