Cedar Rapids Daybreak and Sunrise Clubs have teamed up again to provide Playground Equipment for the 60 or so children attending the Early Childhood Development Center in Las Trincheras, El Salvador.  A District Matching Grant helped the clubs fund this $4,000 project, which included the purchase of equipment and construction of a shelter around the playground. 
The playground is located in the secure, fenced-in Early Childhood Development Center, offering a safe environment with playground equipment that does not exist elsewhere in the community.  The excitement and smiles on the children’s faces show the impact.  And more projects are in the pipeline.
Since 2013, Daybreak and Sunrise have partnered to make an impact in the lives of children in Las Trinceras.  So far, their joint efforts have raised $87,000 to assist with school construction, fencing, sanitary bathrooms, planting trees, painting classrooms and installing “water bottle” lights in homes in the community.  The clubs have partnered with Cuscatlan Rotary Club in San Salvador for these efforts, and future projects involve a Community Well, and sanitary bathrooms and fencing  for the Elementary school.
In May 2015, eight Rotarians from both clubs traveled to Las Trincheras to work on projects.  This was the second delegation and future trips are planned.  On January 21, 2016 the clubs will host the 3rd Wine Tasting fundraiser at Phelan’s Interiors for ongoing projects in Las Trincheras.  If you are interested in joining Daybreak/Sunrise for these efforts, or you would like to support the January Fundraiser, please contact Joe Kirby at joe.kirby@lynchfordchevy.com.