Posted on Jun 04, 2017
Clubs, please invite your selected students to a Rotary club meeting before RYLA/YRYLA to introduce them to your members.  Invite them back for a second meeting after RYLA/YRYLA so they can tell about their experiences at RYLA/YRYLA.  
Make sure the students have transportation to and from RYLA/YRYLA.  If you would like assistance arranging carpooling from your area, please contact Dave Kutter at or (319) 360-7362.  
Emails will go out to the selected students the first week of June and a second, the first week of July.  The second email will include details the students and parents need to know.
RYLA calling for adult volunteers! RYLA is held July 16-21, 2017 at Grinnell College.  You need no prior experience to help Download this document to read and respond. Training is June 24 8-5pm, and July 15. We still need one more Rotarian to volunteer.